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The following links are a selection of sites I think you may like. They are between highly informative and just fun; a mix between science and art.

Mermaid (Odessa, Ukraine)

When visiting Holland you should see the "Teylers Museum" in Haarlem, The 18th century(!) science museum in the Netherlands. Nothing seems to have changed since that period. A first glimpse at:

If you want more info about (over 350) Dutch musea:

CHEAQS: a very useful program for calculating CHemical Equilibria in AQuatic Systems

Worried about the sea level rise?
Check the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level

The quality status reports for the North Sea (QSR)and other areas of the OSPAR area (NW Atlantic) can be read and down-loaded (PDF) at the OSPAR web-site:

Leaf through the "Visboek"(Fish Book) drawn by Adriaen Coenen of Scheveningen in the late 16th century. The book, now in the Dutch Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library) is in manuscript format and was never printed. Coenen was an educated amateur, and provided descriptions of the fish he saw but also included descitions and pictures of e.g. Mermaids(!). Site text is in Dutch, but the drawings are worth the visit:

Flying 'mermaid' (Bali, Indonesia)

Visit the research ship "Challenger" and see an animated demonstration of sounding and dredging.

When in Dublin (Ireland) visit the Natural History Museum to experience the Victorian atmosphere. Give special attention to the so-called "Blaschka collection". Father and son Blaschka were master glass blowers in the 19th century. They specialised in copies from nature, first flowers, later marine organisms, including much enlarged radiolarians (see picture below) copied from plates by Ernst Haeckel. All was made as illustration material to students (specimen in alcohol tend to loose their colours). The Dublin museum has no web-site on these pieces of art, but several other collections have: